Friday, May 1, 2015

Most people who have indulged in hunting whitetail deer bucks will tell you that hunting them is a difficult task. There are many reasons to this tried and tested fact:

• Whitetail deer bucks are very adaptable creatures. This makes it easy for them to live anywhere including desserts, wet regions, forests and even close to urban developments.

• They are also very stealthy creatures who are very sharp in their senses and the activities taking place around them. Therefore, hunting a whitetail deer buck has more to do with sensory prediction than skills of hunting.

• According to a popular hunting fable, a hunter looking to kill a whitetail deer buck found himself surrounded by a number of these animals. However, as soon as he got ready to kill, some of them simply ran away; as if they had sensed the intention of the hunter.

• The doe of the whitetail deer is very protective of its children and hides them successfully from hunters. This instills a sense of shyness and fear into the animals from a young age which results in sharpening their skills of escape.

• If you are looking to hunt a whitetail deer buck then you must go into the area with absolute calm and wait for the opportune moment to hunt them. Whitetail deer bucks are suspected to be endowed with extra sensory perception (ESP) which allows them to predict the nature of the environment they are in. They are also able to live in almost any environmental conditions and do not have specific habitat preferences. All this makes it difficult to define the most successful area to hunt these animals.

Most people who have hunted before or still practice this habit will give you a number of reasons why they hunt and why deer are elusive. Put yourself to the test and see what you find. You may have ESP yourself, who knows!


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