Friday, September 18, 2015

Evenflo Aura Select Stroller ($90) will be a good purchase for parents who want to get totality of functions at a low price. The stroller has everything that it is necessary for your baby, including the big basket, a leaning back seat, holders for glasses, and a secret pocket for damp children’s napkins.
Model’s assemblage can be accomplished in about 5 minutes. It is very easy, because all instructions are clear and simple. Just pull a master key on the handle, and the stroller will spread, automatically closing with a snap. Evenflo Aura Select Stroller keeps strong, but while folding is a bit bulky.
The seat of a baby stroller is equipped with a soft pillow which can be easily washed in the machine. Thanks to the special belts system behind the seat you can incline it, but not completely. Nevertheless, it is not a big problem cause your little one can go in car in this seat, and some kids even like sitting in vertical position with a small inclination. The five-dot seat belt is very reliable, but it doesn’t combine with small pillows for humeral belt. Handles are covered with rubber so it is possible to grasp it easily. Steering control is very convenient for one hand if the other one is holding something else.
Sun-protective peak creates considerable enough shade; also there is a window with a covering on flypapers in it.
Evenflo Aura Select Stroller is equipped with the big convenient basket divided into 2 parts: for small purchases and for diapers. Also there is a baby tray with 2 holders for glasses and 2 bigger holders for containers of the different sizes with rubber inserts. Besides, there is a pocket for damp napkins storage, so you can get them at any moment without effort.
Pluses: the excellent price for stroller with a totality of functions, good one hand control, the big basket for purchases and good shelter from the sun.
Minuses: rigid plastic wheels won’t make your walk fantastic, and the stroller itself is very bulky while folding.
Evenflo Aura ™ Select Stroller features:
·         Plush, soft lateral pillows for kid’s convenience
·         It is intended for children in weight to 18 kg and at the age till 4 years
·         Very convenient and capacious bag for children’s accessories (can be easily washed and cleaned)
·         Combined 3 and 5 dot seat belts
·         The patented handle allows parents to maneuver a stroller by one hand
·         Can be folded in a flat position by one simple movement (patented system ComfortFold)
·         The console with two supports for glasses and a closed pocket for parents
·         Convenient and capacious basket for purchases
The country-manufacturer: the USA.


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